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Unwanted pregnancy or unplanned pregnancy in Arizona?

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Our Phoenix, Arizona Adoption Agency Provides Unplanned Pregnancy Help in Arizona.
We Can Help Take the Fear Out of Your Unplanned or Unwanted Pregnancy

Are you pregnant and need help? An unwanted pregnancy or unplanned pregnancy in Arizona can be very scary. We understand. It’s exactly why Building Arizona Families, our local Arizona adoption agency in Phoenix, AZ offers help for women wrestling with difficult circumstances and decisions.  Whether you need food, clothing, transportation, housing, or even a cell phone, we will do our best to get you the help you need during this difficult time.  Building Arizona Families is the Arizona adoption agency that has supported hundreds of women who have made the courageous, loving choice of adoption for their baby.  Our supportive, professional staff walk with you every step of the way, including creating an Arizona adoption plan that honors your wishes as the mother of your child.

Many women don’t know that we offer help for pregnant women in crisis.  They also don’t know that if you are pregnant and need help, our Arizona adoption agency services are free for birth moms.  We walk beside our birth moms, supporting them every step of the way.  They also don’t realize how many loving choices a birth mom gets to make to insure that their child’s future is a loving, bright one.  For example, as we put together your Arizona adoption plan, you choose the ethnicity, education levels, age, religion, and type of family you want your child raised in.  You also choose whether you want an open adoption where you can keep in contact with your child.  And our free Arizona adoption agency services will make sure all of this is taken care of for you.  So, please don’t hesitate to reach out, we really are here to help pregnant women in crisis.  And please stay connected with us on Facebook.

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Pregnant and Need Help? Ways We Can Help

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Financial Support

Adoption is a very positive option for women who are pregnant and need help with unwanted pregnancy or unplanned pregnancy in Arizona.  We believe in emotional, financial, mental, and physical assistance for our clients during the adoption process. Our Arizona adoption agency is unique in that we have a food pantry and a maternity closet accessible to our clients. We also assist our clients with locating and using state resources that are accessible to them. We understand all aspects of adoption as we have staff members who were adopted, have adopted, and have placed a child for adoption. We understand what it means to need financial help and the emotions that go along with placing a child for adoption.


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Free Counseling

If you are pregnant and need help, we provide free counseling. During your pregnancy and after delivery, our Arizona adoption agency makes sure that you have the emotional support you need.  Your caseworker is there to support you throughout your pregnancy and after placing your baby.   If you need professional drug treatment or mental health counseling, we can also make sure you get the professional help you need to be both mentally and physically strong.

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Housing Assistance

Our Arizona adoption agency helps women experiencing an unwanted pregnancy or unplanned pregnancy in Arizona.  We understand that when you are pregnant, it is so important for you to feel safe and secure. We contract with local hotels to be able to house you immediately if you qualify. We also work with apartment locators and long term housing options as well. If you have an adoption plan and already have housing and need financial assistance to maintain your residence, we may be able to assist with that as well.


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Medical Assistance

One of the most important things included in our help for women experiencing an unwanted pregnancy or unplanned pregnancy in Arizona who choose adoption is to help insure that during your pregnancy and after delivery, you are as healthy as possible. Our Arizona adoption agency, we will assist you in getting on AHCCCS, Arizona’s state insurance, and provide transportation to your doctor appointments. If you are unable to qualify for AHCCCS, we will do our best to make sure that you are still able to receive medical care and possibly have it privately funded.

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