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Teenage Pregnancy in Arizona

Experiencing a Teenage Pregnancy in Arizona?

Explore the Unplanned Pregnancy Options Available to You.

Don’t go through a crisis pregnancy alone. If you are experiencing an unplanned teenage pregnancy in Arizona and are unable to parent your baby, we can help!  Building Arizona Families is a licensed, non-profit adoption agency that can find a wonderful family to adopt your baby.

Crisis Pregnancy?
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Teenage Pregnancy in Arizona
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Our adoption agency understands crisis pregnancy. We have been helping girls struggling with unplanned teenage pregnancy in Arizona for almost twenty years. If you need it, we can provide many practical supports, like safe housing, food, clothing, transportation, medical care, and confidential, compassionate counseling.  We don’t judge – we are here to help  you and provide you with unplanned pregnancy options.

You can call or text us 24/7/365.  If you are experiencing a crisis pregnancy and are pregnant and homeless, we will get you off the streets immediately.   Just call or text us at 623-695-4112.

Building Arizona Families has helped so many girls struggling with teenage pregnancy in Arizona.  We really do understand.  Please don’t hesitate to text or call if you are searching for unplanned pregnancy options.  Fill out the form and we can schedule a confidential meeting on the phone or in person.  We will provide the transportation.

If you are struggling with a crisis pregnancy, adoption really is a beautiful option for you and your unborn baby.  After you place your baby for adoption, we will still support you by helping you get back in school, get a job, provide clothing and food, and ongoing emotional support. We would love to come alongide you  on this journey. 

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Don't Go Through Your Teenage Pregnancy Alone
Call or Text Us 24/7/365 at 623-695-4112

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